Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shore Hap - Worst photo shoot ever

I finished Shore Hap a full week ago, but there has been no chance to take photos. We went down to the park this morning to do some shoulder homework and took the photos then. I was wearing workout gear and it was 30 degrees and we did not care quite as much as we could have about the photos. So, these are the best we could do in the cicumstances. 
The shore hap is an interesting shawl.I knit it because I had the yarn and it looked like a fun knit, but I really thought the final shape might be quite difficult to wear:

BUT, it's actually brilliant. Like a giant scarfy shawly awesome thing:

With a point that would keep someone really warm under a coat, if it was worn front or back.

I did change the pattern just a tiny bit - I used 3mm needles, because I don't actually own any 2.75 mm ones, and really didn't feel like buying more needles. Because of this I nearly ran out of the Wollmeise  -the red yarn. I had a feeling, so I added an extra grey stripe on the back triangle. I finished with about 30 cm of yarn. I won at yarn chicken.
 I really love this, and have decided to give it to Elise - they are her colours and she commented on the red a couple of times when I was knitting it. I do want to make one for myself, preferably in Wollmeise, with a dark purple and a light purple. I can't see Elise wearing it wrapped like a cardigan, but it does work this way too. Such a versatile, fun shawl, and really satisfying to knit too.

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