Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yarnalong - the one with the sequels

I'll tell you, not having time to blog at work is really taking it a step too far! Still, my job is actually interesting, so I guess its a small sacrifice.

This week I'm knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten baby jacket.  In my head it's a sequel to the Baby Surprise, even though  they bear no relationship other than both being deisigned by the indomitable Ms Zimmerman. And being garter stitch baby garments.

I'm still reading Peter F Hamilton’s A Night Without Stars, which is aslo a sequel. Much to my surprise I'm loving it. I seem to remember the book before being a bit tedious, but this is full of adventure and excitement. 

And there goes another week, rushing by in a ridiculously quite fashion. If you would like to see what Ginny and the rest of the Yarnalong are up to this week pop over to her blog.

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