Monday, March 6, 2017

Inspired by Islay - indeed

This Friday marked the last email from Kate Davies Inspired by Islay club and I'm struggling to find the words to say how much I have enjoyed it. The patterns were lovely, and of the 12 (or 13 if you count the bonus Hat 101) I have queued five things - a pair of kilt hose, a cardigan for me, a jumper for Leon, a colourwork vest for me and best of all a scarf for Leon's winter set.

Three of them I'm knitting from stash, and I have just ordered some Buchaille for the vest and Leon's winter set.

It wasn't just the beautifully written patterns, sent out every Wednesday,  that made this club so wonderful. Kate Davies'  emails on Fridays were interesting, illuminating and accompanied by wonderful photos. 

We rather enjoyed the whisky aspect of the club, and have "enhanced" our collection somewhat. (Click here for the "before" picture)

We discovered that Uncle Dan's has a fancy whisky shop, just a short walk from our house, so we've visited there a time or two. So I received an education about whisky, Islay and a bunch of great patterns. This club was such an unmitigated pleasure, and the patterns and yarn are going to inform my winter knitting this year.

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