Saturday, August 28, 2010

Completed: 4 countries cardigan

Or maybe it should be more accurately called the 5 countries cardigan. I bought the laceweight silk last year in America. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I go very excited when I discovered you can make jumpers out of laceweight, and as soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to knit it. I'm now pretty much obsessed with Hannah Fettig, and bought the latest Knitscene because she has three patterns in it.
I cast it on on the Transiberian railway in Russia, knitted across Russia, Mongolia and China. I literally knitted across the borders. I knitted it on the plane on the way home and in the passport queue in Australia when we were delayed by an hour due to computer problems. And now its done, and here it is, in the 4th country, on St Kilda beach. Home sweet home.


  1. It looks great on you! Great backdrop too!

  2. Very, flattering, great colours and lovely picture composition.

  3. it's so gorgeous! Was lovely and soft too, if only the thought of knitting a jumper in 2 ply didn't make me passout, I'd have to try this. :)