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I'm not always the biggest fan of swatching, especially as swatches sometimes lie, but for Leon's steeked aran jumper I decided to do a proper swatch:

I completed a full pattern repeat, steeked it and washed it.
This was probably a good idea as now I am not quite as afraid of steeking. Also, if I had continued with this number of stitches the jumper would have been about 20 centimetres too big for him. Not a good look.

I spent today at work reworking the pattern to get it to the right number of stitches. Since I got back to work on Monday I have been in three different roles. Here is a sample conversation I never want to have again.

Get to work after a month away. Log on to email. Read some. Feel confused. Go to supervisor and say:

Sharon: Do I still work here?
Supervisor: Umm, lets go talk to the Boss.

Oh dear. So then I went back to my old job, but before I could start any work I was told I would be working in team that didn't exist before I left, and I can't work out what I'm meant to be doing. And no one else work for this team and I am very puzzled.
All of which gave me plenty of time to work on the pattern. The best thing about all this is I am completely relaxed. I just don't care. It can't last, but for the moment I actually understand how the laid back people feel.


  1. Steeking is crazy scary. I'm more than a bit in awe.

  2. Such a shame you can't look at Ravelry at work. Reworking a knitting pattern though, now that's good time-management!


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