Thursday, June 23, 2011

MEDIC! Knitter down

I knit Skew in record time. It was a fast fun knit. Because I am in a new team at work, we often have lunch together and do the quiz. This was a great opportunity to get in an extra couple of rounds.
I knit Skew on two metal circulars. My first one came out a bit looser than I expected. I must have tightened up the tension for the second one.
The upshot of all this is that I have a pretty pair of socks and sore wrists. Having looked it up on the internet – which is where I get all my medical advice - I don’t think there is anything seriously wrong, it’s just an overuse injury. On Wednesday I decided to take it easy, and only knit to finish the sock, which was literally 1 row and the cast off. Oh, and Leon came home late so I sat and spun for an hour. Yesterday I also decided to take it easy, so I just cast on my next project and knit 8 rows. At 120 stitches a row. So today I am actually going to rest properly. No knitting and no spinning. Going forward work has ordered me a more ergonomic keyboard and my next project is on 4mm wooden needles. I’m practicing knitting looser and it will be fine. It has to be fine. Imagine not being able to knit. Now stop imagining it, it’s too horrible to contemplate seriously.

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