Sunday, June 26, 2011

No knitting, but lots of spinning

I haven't knit since Thursday. Partly by design, and partly due to the large amounts of alcohol consumed on the weekend. I have been spinning though. I've just finished the singles for Vinelle - I've taken Friday off work so I can get it all plied up this weekend.
Having made the decision not to take my knitting to the pub on Saturday - partly due to a desire to rest my hands, but mainly because I am doing a chart on the cardigan I am working on, and it wouldn't have mixed well with a social, beer filled afternoon- I took my spindle. This is the lace weight that I am going to ply with some Wensleydale that I am going to spin next, on the wheel: It's actually lots of different colours, although you can't see that because the outer wrapping is all gold. I'm loving using the spindle again. Walking around, taking it with me, the whole act of spindling I find very freeing. I'm having so much fun I ordered a Turkish spindle from Ist, which should be arriving any day now.

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