Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FO: Idlewood

I finished Idlewood on Sunday and wore it immediately, I haven't even blocked it yet. This might be my last chance to wear a big woollen jumper / tunic / dress thing before the long awaited summer finally comes to stay. Or not, since today is freezing and I'm sitting at my desk with a heater blowing at my feet.
It was a super fun knit. Around and around and around in squooshy handspun. The only thing is, despite doing a gauge swatch it came out bigger than I was planning for. When I tried it on I decided it would actually be better as a tunic than a jumper, so I just keep knitting.
And then the first time I wore it I met up with spinning friends, who could really appreciate it, the hand spun as much as the knitting. (Thanks Jen for the photo)
It was so nice to wear something that feels completely different from my usual outfits. Going out in a woollen dress with a crazy cowl and purple armwarmers just felt special. And hilarious. And today in the mail a bunch of coloured tights arrived, so there may be a whole lot of hilarious dressing in my future.


  1. It looks super cute on you, I want to make it too now…

  2. yay coloured tights!! WOOO!!
    and that Idlewood of yours is delish! but you probably already know that I think that since I was practically feeling you up in it heehee