Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting ready for the funnest month of the year

Soctober is coming and today I've been busy preparing. Firstly my sock project knitting bag was looking a little sad and tired, so I sewed myself a new one, using this fantastic tutorial. Step 16 is "add a zipper pull" so last night after dinner I made some beads out of Sculpy.

With the leftovers I made some buttons, I think they would look amazing on a baby surprise jacket.

I had a plan for what to knit in Soctober, starting with some Cookie A knee high socks for me. But Leon and I have booked a holiday for the first week of October. When I'm away with Leon I like to knit something relatively simple and for for him, it just seems nicer. So, I went through the stash looking for something that would work with Leon's preferred colour palette - dark grey, dark green, dark brown or very dark blue are all that are acceptable. I had some army green, but that would clash with the project bag, so I'm dying some light Patonyle. I think it's going to come out dark smoky blue. hopefully.

The other stuff floating in there is some alpaca fleece. One of my friends generously and randomly gave me a big bag of red alpaca. It looks like an orang-outang! It looks great carded with the dark fleece that another friend gave me, but I want to see how it takes dye. I'm thinking alpaca and silk, dyed with blues, or reds, or both, spun lace weight. We'll see when it comes out.


  1. Hello! I really like the fabric you chose for the boxy pouch. Looks like a Dr Seuss. I'm so glad you could follow the tute!

  2. I love your knitting bag, and I am very impressed by the beads and buttons you made. A very nice touch, and you made it all!!