Friday, November 18, 2011

FO: Fair Isle Mitts

For the last week I've been knitting these colour work mitts in Wollmeise. I very much enjoyed the two colour knitting, although because I had to keep an eye on the charts it wasn't the best for TV watching. Which didn't really stop me. I prefer shows with lots of dialogue and very little action.
I really like how they look, and the attention to detail in the pattern. The palm stripes amuse me and the braid and diamond pattern on the wrist is so pretty I am going to reuse it in another project very soon.

There is a slight curl at the ends. Hope fully this will block out, although I'm not really sure what I can block them on. Maybe a can of "V" except I don't drink that stuff, and don't really want to buy it just for blocking. Any ideas?


  1. They look absolutely amazing Sharon!

  2. Thats my top!! :P Nice gloves!

  3. Very cute gloves the braid reminds me of tortoise and hare pattern by Kate Davies. Oh I love Fairisle.