Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last chance cardigan

It's spring in Melbourne. What that means, this year at least, is that we are alternating 2 or three days of winter with two or three days of summer. Nothing in between. I thought that before the consistently warm weather hits I would knit one last heavyweight jumper and I have been obsessed with Rosumund's cardigan since Katie knit it.
So I cast on this simple knit... twice, since the first time I couldn't count. I think I'm doing one of the cables wrong, but since I'm being consistent it's okay, I guess.
I tried to work it out yesterday after a bottle of sparkling shiraz. Lets just say it's hard to judge what's going on with your knitting when you can only see out one eye at time. So, what should be a simple project is making me feel uncomfortable. On the plus side, the Pear Tree yarn is knitting up beautifully and the stitch markers (from See Jane Knit yarns) are just adorable.
I'm going to Lilydale for work tomorrow which should give me a chance to do some serious knitting. Hopefully I'll be dividing for the sleeves tomorrow and then I can try it on. By the weekend I'll have half a jumper on my lap, and the weather forecast is for a blissful thirty degrees.


  1. hee, I have some peartree to do my one of those!

  2. Rosamund's for everyone!! YAY!