Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ask and I shall make it for you

On Saturday night my mother in law mentioned that she has cold feet at night and has started sing a hot water bottle. The she casually asked if I have any patterns for hot water bottle covers.
Hint anyone? I offered to make her one, because she is someone I know loves and uses her knitted home goods.

 I dug this Pear Tree ten ply left overs from the stash, and got to work. This really knit up ridiculously fast.This is the same pattern as I used last time, but I popped in a plaited cable instead of the twist one I used last time.
I used the same mods as last time, starting it off with Judy's magic, and just like last time I am really happy with it. Now to put it in the post, so my mother in law can have lovely toasty feet tomorrow night.

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