Monday, March 17, 2014

Blogging while they're blocking

I finished Leon's winter set today, by completing the scarf. I was going to incorporate the stitch pattern from the hat and mitts into the scarf, but then I couldn't work out how to do that and make it reversible, or at least didn't work my brain hard enough to work it out. Instead I made it two by two rib, with a little wiggle.

I like how the handspun has knit up, although I hope it will even out with a good blocking. As I type this hat, scarf and mitts are in a hot bath. I'm hoping the scarf relaxes a little, but that the stocking stitch of the hat 
stays exactly as it is, because it fits really well. I'll get proper, outside finished photos once the set has dried, and I can convince Leon to pose for photos, which is not his favourite thing to do, but the price he pays for receiving a handspun, handknit winter set.

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