Saturday, March 22, 2014

Knit Sally Up, knit Sally Down

 Karen (from the Knit Wits Podcast) also mentioned knitting the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I had intended to try this heel for a while, I know Louisa (of the Richmond Knitters) has successfully used this heel. I thought it might work better for my sneaker liners than the afterthought heel I usually use, which I actually find quite annoying to do and not really all that well fitting. I  knit the first sock top down on double pointed needles, and the second toe up and magic loop. They look pretty similar, but, for what it's worth I think the top down is slightly neater, and I somehow find casting on and the beginning and grafting at the end more satisfying that going toe up. I also think it jives a nicer, less flarey top edge.
I think the yarn was given to me by Sonia when I started my poor neglected sock yarn blanket. I really like it. he heel technique was simple enough, and the short row method is the best I've ever used. it's worth paying $1 for the pattern just for that.

I called them my Knit Sally Up socks because, from the moment I decided to do them in opposite directions, I've had this song in my head:

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