Thursday, April 3, 2014

I don't think I told you...

I'm going on holidays next week I started leave this afternoon and I have five weeks off. I'm very excited! Leon and I are heading off to Israel for pesach. We're going with Elise, her brothers and their partners and her dad and the whole family. Seven of us rented a flat together for the first week. After that we are all going our separate ways, Leon and I are heading to Jordan and then back to Israel. All up we will be away for exactly a month.
And the biggest question, when planning a whole month away is - what should I knit? I've had a number of thoughts, but my most recent (although not at all final) decision is that I will knit a shawls for Elise - Brickless, by Martina Behm, and a shawl for Rachey - Miss Winkle also by Martina Behm. These should be interesting enough, but I should be able to knit them while travelling, or tired or drunk. I'm also taking yarn for two pairs of socks for Leon. I think I'll make Milo by Cookie A, because the cables are awesome and Business Casual, out of Ursula's yarn, because the socks will show the yarn to its full beauty. (I've mentioned before how much I love Ursula's yarn, but I what I haven't said here is she now has an Etsy shop. I'll wait here, while you go buy some yarn ;) 
I think this should be plenty, and there are yarn shops in Israel, even if they are not destination yarn shops. I wouldn't be surprised though if I throw an extra 200grams of yarn in to make Steven West's Samen - after all, I wouldn't want to risk running out of things to knit.

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