Sunday, April 5, 2015

Swatching for the KAL

I can sometimes be a bit cavalier about swatching; cast on a sleeve and see what happens. Because the Ursula cardigan is quite a particular pattern, this wasn't going to work. So, since Kate and I are doing this as a knit-a-long, we sat down and swatched together. This made a task i sometimes find tedious much more fun.

  • I learnt many things from my swatch: 
  • I love the colours for my cardigan. 
  • I love the fabric on 3mm needles.
  •  I'm getting pretty much exactly stitch gauge, possibly one stitch less per 10cm, which is exactly what I wanted.
  •  My row gauge is way out, so I will probably have to do one repeat less of the pattern.
  •  I knit much looser than Kate does.   
That's Kate's tiny looking swatch at the top. Same number of stitches, same size needles. And no, I don't know why they both look blue.

All in all I'm reasonably confident I may get a cardigan that fits me at the end of this, and that's really all anyone can say, since we all know swatches lie. Now, I'm off the cast on for the start of this fairly epic knit.

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