Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ursula - finished and happy

And the title says it all! Here's some more photos:

It was a surprisingly fun knit. I never got over the enjoyment of it. My row gauge was out, so I left one pattern repeat off the body and one off the bodice.

I reused the buttons from Versatility. It was noteworthy at the time that for that project, I spent more on the buttons than on the yarn! Rookie error, the acrylic wasn't very nice, but six years on I still love these buttons.

I loved knitting with the Jameson's and Smith yarn, and intend to use it again. I'm already wondering what colours would work well for a Steveson Sweater.

I'm quite happy with the fit. Based on my swatch I thought it might be a smidge tight, but it came out just right! Gauge lies people, but in this case its lies worked out for me.