Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chaper 104 - In which some things work, and some things don't

I made sourdough, and it worked!

So that was good. 

I also finished Leon's jumper and it didn't work.  The back looks nice:

but the front does not. What I did with the front cable at the v-neck just looks terrible now it’s done. It’s a shame, because until I put the neck ribbing on, I thought it looked fine. Also, I knit the sleeves from the top, so, to fix the middle of the front I might have to rip the sleeves, as well as rip the entire front. I have to think about it, and also to consider how to make the front cable work before I start what I think it going to be some serious ripping. Until I decide what to do about it this jumper is going in the naughty corner, and I'm going to go eat a nice sourdough sandwich. 

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