Monday, June 29, 2015

This is HAPpening next

I  don't really knit triangular shawls for myself because they don't fit into my wardrobe. The small handkerchief styles make me look like I'm wearing a bib, and the large ones don't work with anything I wear. But the other evening I was hanging around my house in a house dress. I was  little bit cold, so I put on my Colour Affection. Then I was doing stuff, so I tied it at the back. And then I immediately wanted a large hap. And by lucky coincidence, Kate Davies has a pattern for one, and I have the yarn for it. I'm knitting it out of Jameson and Smith left over from Ursula, but I'm one colour short, so I'm using some left over sparkly sock yarn, because what could be better than a house hap with bonus sparkles?

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