Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yarnalong - the one where the knitting is progressing slowly

Welcome to this week's yarnalong, where I, and a whole bunch of other people join Ginny in sharing what we are knitting and reading this week. If you would like to see everyone else's posts, they are over at Ginny's blog Small Things.

I'm still knitting Rachael Coopey's Windle Pool socks, just not very fast. We've been really busy, and not the sort of busy that means I'm out at bars, or running around the countryside or just hanging out with friends. More the kind of busy caused by fun runs and yoga and getting ready for a holiday we are about to go on.

I'm listening to Hogfather, the next Discworld novel, to go with these socks.

And I am reading a book called Straight Pepper Diet a memoir by Joseph Naus. It's the story of a sex, alcohol and porn addicted lawyer and, while it is kind of harrowing it is also very good.

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