Friday, June 10, 2016

Another weekend away

Since we're now at the middle of winter, Leon and i decided that the best thing we can do with this long weekend is go camping. We're going back to Wilson's Prom to do some hiking. Nothing too strenuous, most days we'll be walking less around 12 kms, I think. Except the last day, when we're doing 20, but we'll have eaten all the food by then, so it'll be fine.

We've got new hiking packs, and new thermals and new hats and I think we'll be warm and dry even if the weather is not the best. Knowing I've got plenty of relaxing time, the most important question was - what should I knit? I need something small, easy to carry with a simple pattern - which seems to have become a bit of a theme recently. My father recently came to me and said that the last socks I made him have holes in them -which they do. Maybe moths? And I've found out he and a friend are getting competitive about wearing crazy socks. So, I'm making him socks with black ribbing heels and toes, and completely random coloured stripes in between. I'm not even going make them match each other.

Now I've got to run to pickup the rental car -literally run. How do people who don't run actually get rental cars? and then its a four day weekend of hiking and camping, drinking tea and knitting. Glorious.

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