Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm back and it was great

We just got back from hiking in Wilson's Prom and it was great. When we left on Saturday morning in our hire car it was raining, and the whole way up it bucketed down. Once we started hiking the rain eased off, and the weather was reasonable kind to us, although very cold at night. I was pleased I had packed the sleeping bag I bought when bike touring in Canada ten years ago (!) it's rated to minus 18, and it kept me super warm. I was also pleased I made a really warm hat and mitts. They certainly did the job!

Because of the conditions we normally hike in, all our gear is three seasons, and the missing season is winter. This is the tent we bought earlier this year, and Leon's new pack. Mine is like that, but blue. Because I am super short, I didn't get a choice about the colour, but having a pack with customised straps makes the colour scheme just fine. (It's One Planet, made in Melbourne). I tried on so many packs before I found a comfortable one.

I'll spare you a step by step review of our trip. Suffice it to say we camped in beautiful spots,

hiked to the light house,

I knit some socks for my father in beautiful places - no photos of the actual socks, but some of the knitting:

Leon took some photos of Goats so I could finally close them off on Ravelry, but I realise I;m wearing them in every single photo. did I mention camping in the middle of winter is cold?

And, after four days , it was quite nice to come home and have a shower.

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