Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yarnalong -the one where I return to Discworld

As mentioned yesterday, this has been a big travel week for me. Today I went to Seymour, and, as I had to wait for my train home, I found a lovely cafe, where I sat in a lovely courtyard, drank coffee and read my book. Bliss.

After a long break I decided it was time to knit the next pair of socks from Rachael Coopey's "What Would Granny Weatherwax knit" club. It's the second last pair! These are called Greebo, and I'm knitting them in lovely Dyed by Hand yarn, which has such good stitch definition. Perfect for this pattern.

I'm also listening to a Discworld book - Jingo. It's one of the Nightwatch books, and a jolly good listen.

I'm reading the rather more serious The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks. It's a novelised history of the rise of King David. I guess it's appropriate, because the high holidays start on Monday, buy it was kind of dry and then got very intense, quite suddenly and rather unexpectedly, although I guess it wouldn't be unexpected if I actually remembered my bible studies better.

Interestingly, despite being very, very different books, the overarching message from both of them is that war is bad, and best to be avoided if and when possible. 

And that's another week flown by. pop over to Ginny's blog Small things, to see what she and the rest of the yarnalong have been doing this week.


  1. Knitting and reading in a cafe sounds so perfectly relaxing! Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Sounds blissful! I received that pattern collection for my birthday but haven't started knitting it yet. I'm planning to dye yarn individually for each pair...Over ambitious? Maybe!