Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yarnalong - the one that looks like last week's post

but it is different, I promise. I am reading the same book (City of Blades) but, because I have been carrying the paperback around with me all week, it's looking a bit battered. The book itself is good, and it's not a difficult read, it's just that last week I was right at the beginning, and this week I am heading towards the rather exciting end.

I'm knitting with the same yarn as last week, but this week I am knitting Conina socks, from Rachel Coopey's 'What would Granny Weatherwax Knit" club. Loving them, despite my struggles following the directions. To go with it I'm listening to the next Discworld book The Last Continent which is ok, but seems to have become a little lost in the middle. I'm sure it will find its way again.

And that's me for another week. Do pop over to Ginny's blog. Hopefully you will be able to see what she and the rest of the yarn along have been up to, but I know she's been having computer issues, and hasn't updated since last weeks yarnalong.

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  1. The Conina socks look cute! Wishing you happy knitting :)