Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yarnalong - the one with the beach

I had some time to spend between finishing work and meeting friends tonight, so I had the opportunity to sit by the beach, knit and listen to an audio book. St Kilda beach might not be the prettiest beach in the world, but it’s my home beach, and it’s always a pleasure to spend some time here, especially since we are having such a stunning autumn.
I’m listening to the last story of Stephen King’s four novella series Different Seasons. I have enjoyed these so much more than I expected. The narrator is great, and the stories are interesting and different from each other.
I’m knitting Lady Tryamour Socks, from The Knitters Book of Socks. They are really pretty. It’s hard to photograph black project, particularly in bright sunlight. And the sunlight was bright and lovely.
I’m reading Behind the Throne  by  K. B. Wagers. Ursula mentioned it – she didn’t say it’s a good book, but it’s quite a lot of fun.
And that’s another week of knitting, reading and listening to books. Pop over to Ginny's Blog to see what she, and the rest of the yarnalong are doing this week.


  1. Knitting at the beach is special, anytime, even if I have to sit in the car with the window a little bit open!

  2. It has been SO hot, hasn't it?! Knitting at the beach sounds wonderful.