Thursday, December 31, 2015

As big as my head

Elise bough a unit, and will be moving in March. I'm really happy for her, but really sad that  won't have my best friend living directly across the road. She's moving three and a half kilometeres down the road. A half hour walk! Or twelve dollars in an Uber! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE. Or not, it will probably be fine.

In a more related than it might seem note, have a look at the blanket I knit her in 2011:

It's looking more than a little shabby. It lives on her Ottoman, the cats like to sleep under it and I made it out of a very soft, rather loosely knit yarn.

So, Elise needs a new blanket. Something hardwearing. Something fun to knit. So, being me, I'm going to knit her Tir Chonaill, a Kate Davies, steeked, colourwork blanket. I needed to buy yarn for it and had a look around the internet. Love Knitting  had a brand called Wendy Traditional Aran. It's 100% wool, and comes in a 500 gram put up. So I bought 2.

The balls of yarn are as big as my head! They were sent, each in their own gossamer bag, and they are huge. I'm really looking forward to knitting this, but I haven't decided if I am going to make smaller balls, or just carry around all the yarn. Either way, FUN.

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