Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yarnalong -the one with more holidays

I decided to take an extra week off after New Years, although then i panicked about something and went to work on Tuesday anyway. But I'm off today, and for the next four days. Leon is back at work, so I'm going to spend the days knitting and reading and watching trashy television.

I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of all Things. It's been in my queue for ages and I was undecided about whether to read it, but then Racheal Herron raved about it, so I decided to read it. (Stalker much?) I'm enjoying it, although it is written in an odd manner, more like someone telling a story than an actual novel. I've got a long time to decide if i like it, it's a chunky book.

I'm knitting  Double Heelix sock from Knitty, as a sports sock. I'll do a full post about how I feel about these next - so many feels about one sock! But it's coming along nicely and will certainly make a usable pair of sneaker liners.

And that's me for another week. Pop over to Ginny's blog, to see what she, and the rest of the Yarnalong, are up to with their knitting and reading this week. 


  1. I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert too, her new book though "Big Magic." I hope you enjoy her novel, it's on my list too. I still have never knit a pair of socks, but this could be the year:-) Happy knitting & Happy New Year!

  2. I did enjoy that book, but agree it took awhile to get into the style. Nice yarn that you're turning into a sock - aren't we clever to be able to do that? :-)