Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Asking in the right way

Remember earlier this week when I said that people who love me know how to motivate me to knit for them? In August 2014 I made Shoni a hat. I know he wears it all the time, and, just like Elise (his sister) always tells me and others how great it is. This arrived in my inbox the other day:

Hi Sharon,

Hope you + Leon doing great and enjoying winter.

I have a sad hat story.

The awesome beanie you crafted for me, which has been keeping my head amazingly warm through a winter were I insist on kayaking even when it’s dark and 2 degrees cold outside has sadly, just been left on a tram (damn I thought I put it in my bag but it must have been on my lap or so…. for the record, I chased the tram a ways).

I am seriously sad! And, feeling sorry for my cold noggin self.

I am wondering if you are planning to make such a thing again, and if so, whether I could get on your wait-list?


Well, since Shoni is eminently knitworthy and I happen to have some leftover White Gum Wool in my stash, which is very soft, I knit a  Windschief by Stephen West .

It's not designed to be worn with a folded brim, but the ever patient Leon was modelling for me, and his head is slightly smaller than Shoni's. I actually quite like how this looked. I also love the swirling decreases, the rib pattern and the yarn - leftover White Gum Wool. It's very soft and has beautiful stitch definition.

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