Saturday, June 25, 2016

Best jumper ever?

Last year I kickstarted an ebook of black knitting patterns by Alex Tinsey called Knit it Black. I did it on a whim, she was donating to save black shelter animals, I rad her blog and like her, all the reasons we buy patterns that we may never knit. And then on a whim I knit Char. I actually only have one eight ply jumper that I wear regularly (Blank Canvas, thanks for snaking), because I like things fitted and sleek. But this, this is exquisite.

It fits like a dream. I made the sleeves one size up, so even with my Crossfitters shoulders its not too tight.

It has cute detailing on the back. It has an interesting square neckline. I love the colour, although it is slightly greener than it shows up in any of the photos - not just these, but the WIP photos too.

This was such a pleasure to knit. Maybe that's why it took a week from casting on to having a warm, cute, perfectly fitting jumper. With the weather we are having right now I may well be wearing this every day until the end of winter.

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