Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More of what I like

You know what I like. Stocking stitch in the round, german shortrows and good solid wool yarn. And that's what my latest project is all about. I'm knitting Alex Tinely's jumper Char, from her book Knit it Black, which I kickstarted ages ago. I'm using the Cleckheaton Country  that I bought last time I went to Wangarrata . I had intended it for a cardigan, but suddenly decided I wanted a close fitting jumper for this winter.

The jumper has a longer back hem, done with short rows. The pattern specifies wrap and turn, but I'm so in love with German short rows I used them again, And look how well they come out. You can't even see where I've done the short rows ans there are loads of them! That's three projects in a row using German Shortrows, and the love just keeps on growing.

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