Friday, September 16, 2016

A winner of a shawl

After my fail shawl, I needed a win, and this shawl - Summer Camp by Laura Aylor - definitely fit the bill.

It's bright and lovely and rather huge. I added an extra stripe on each colour, to use up an much yarn an possible and make this as large as possible.

I just love it. Knitting it was interesting but so simple and the finished shawl, which is really shaped more like  a giant scarf, is bright, cheerful and lovely. The green yarn is Stranded in Oz  and was some of the oldest sock yarn in my stash, the speckled colour is Madeline Tosh, bought last month on our trip to New Zealand, so it was super fun to mix the oldest with the newest and get such a cheerful, springy, warm, delightful, happy making shawl.

 Did I mention It is very, very long?

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