Friday, September 2, 2016

Bathmat IIX

You may well ask why I would be knitting my 8th bathmat. (Also, why i sometimes spell it as bathmatt). Well I knitted my first one in 2009. Here's a picture of it now. 

Holes! Actual holes! and uneven felting causing it to buckle. Bathmats are a high wear item, particularity with three cats, one of whom occasionally... well lets just say Tarragon's actions mean i sometimes have to put them through on a hot wash. But I still keep knitting them, because they are a knitted thing that given me joy every day. Now, I have one bathmat next to the shower, and one in front of the toilet. I also like to have a spare set for when one lot are being washed. So, I need four bathmats at a time, they are a high wear item, and I often use them to experiment on, or learn new techniques with sometimes mixed results. So that's how I'm up to knitting my 8th bathmat.

The latest bathmat is finished:

I mainly enjoying the mosaic knitting too.I thought I might not, because some techniques with a lot of slipped stitches annoy me - like brioche - but this moved smoothly and well. Although I couldn't work from the chart, so i used row by row instructions and even though the pattern should be fairly intuitive, I spent a  surprising amount of time looking at the instruction. Anyway, I'm very happy with the finished product, it's a decent size and has a very nice texture underfoot.

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