Friday, September 23, 2016

Truly suprising

I mentioned the other day that I had decided to knit another baby Suprise Jacket, this one out of the left overs from last years Buchaille yarn, plus some extra cascade pink I had left over. I thought I had loads of yarn, but half way through I realised I was going to cut it fine. Two thirds of the way through, and I was cutting off the tails of stripes to finish rows. I used every skerick of the Buchaille, and almost all of the Cascade.

 I had to use colours I didn't think looked great together, because that was what I had. Leon looked at the piece on my needles and described it, kindly I thought, as "an art piece". i asked him what sort of art, and he said "conceptual". I went to knit night on Monday, cast off, and sewed in the ends. When I brought it home and showed Leon he said "that is surprising". And it is. I love it. 


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    1. Thanks for suggesting a single closure at the top, that's what inspired me.