Thursday, October 6, 2016

Baby bonnet

I mentioned ages ago that I was knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's  baby bonnet, so match the first Baby Surprise jacket in this little EZ binge I appear to have had. And then I never mentioned it again. That's because I finished it, and it looked odd. 

After a great deal of thought I thought maybe it looked odd and lumpy because it was unblocked, and because my teddy bear has ears where a baby has a big, smooth, round head. And then I looked at it, and looked at it and looked at it and realised I had it upside down I turned it the right way around, and all of a sudden it started to make sense!

 Here it is, with its matching Baby Surprise Jacket. He's looking very warm and woolly.
 And here's a bonus picture of Juniper "helping" with the photos. She's pretty warm and woolly too.

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