Monday, October 17, 2016

Run and done

Leon and I have spent the last six months or so run training, and on Sunday we ran the Melbourne Marathon. It's something I've been wanting to do for a really long time, and it feels so good to have accomplished it. I will say though, that 42.195 kilometers is a really long way to run! 

It was a great day, a little windy, but not too cold or warm. My official photographer Skip showed up en route to take photos and did a really good job.

While I didn't run the whole distance with a smile like this on my face, I felt strong the whole way. And that feeling, when I ran into the MCG was indescribable. I felt like such an athlete, running that lap of the G. 

I'm getting emotional just writing about the day. It was the hardest physical thing I've ever done, but both the event and the training were so rewarding. I am lucky enough to have a husband that ran step for step with me, both in training and in the event, and I feel so fortunate that I am physically and mentally strong enough to take on a challenge like this.
Now, back to your scheduled knitting content.

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