Saturday, December 17, 2016

Breathing Space

I first saw Veera Valimaki's Breathing Space jumper mention by Rachael,  probably on instragram, and I knew immediately that I wanted to knit it. I already had the perfect yarn in stash, some Dyed by Hand yarns that I bought to at this year's Bendigo show to make to make a shawl out of, but decided I would much rather make this jumper.

I loved the process of knitting it. It was kept interesting my the stripes and the short rows, which still basically being stocking stitch in the round.

I love the asymmetry, and the way it is really easy to wear.

I particularity love that the first time I wore it I got three unsolicited compliments, one from someone who didn't realise I had knit the jumper.

All it all a deeply satisfying jumper to knit and to wear.

I have just enough yarn left over - 60 grams, that I should be able to make myself  a matching pair of socks, and you know how I love everything to me matchy matchy to the max.

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