Thursday, December 1, 2016

The unbreakable BSJ

At the end of October ago I was casting off a Baby Surprise Jacket, and loving it. Great colours, great yarn, just perfect. Until I got to one of the edges, and realised I'd put one of my increase markers in the wrong spot. I thought about ripping it out, but it would have taken me back half the jumper. I generally presume that my baby knitting gets oohed and ahhed over, but I'm not really convinced they get actually worn so much. Anyway, I decided to block it and see if it would forgive the mistake. And it does:

So why the long wait for photos? I really struggled with what closure to use. I had put in buttonholes, but only to the top of the white stripe. And because of the increases being in a weird spot, buttons were not going to work. After leaving it in time out for most of November, I realised I had to finish it, because another of Leon's friends had a baby. So I put hooks on one side of it. i tried to sew on the eyes, but they were visible, so i just hooked them in to the iCord edging.
And speaking of Leon's friends, we sent another of the BSJs to a friend in England, and look what she sent us this week: 

Now that's what I call a satisfying conclusion. 
There were more baby jumpers sent out this week, including this one which has been sitting in the gift box for six years. Now I had better get knitting, because I'm sure there will be more babies on the way, and it's always good to have a supply of baby jumpers on hand.

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