Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bye Nicola

Saying goodbye to Nicola was hard and sad, but the process of saying good bye to her has been a lot of fun. I even crossed the river to have drinks in Northcote. And I'm not making it up when I say that there was a cannon pointing at us when we did!
And then knit night last night was really fun. The only problem was that when I went to leave, I put my key in my bike lock and it broke! Tony, who runs the café had a ladder and he stood on it, we passed him up the bike and he lifted it over the parking sign to which I had locked it. Nicola, please don't take that as your abiding memory of me. Remember me being graceful and wearing decent clothes, not having a minor drama in lycra.

On the weekend I finally dyed for a project I have been planning for a long time: Blackrose socks from Knitty I've actually tried to spin these before, but on the wheel and the yarn came up short and a bit harsh. I'm going to spin this this three ply on my new Bosworth Spindle: 19 grams of pure beauty. Normally I like dark woods, but I was completely taken by this Birds Eye Maple. Look at the markings on the bottom.

And how beautiful is the dark wool I dyed going to look on the light spindle?

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  1. Bye Sharon!! The lycra drama has been erased from my mind but not erased from facebook hehe!