Saturday, August 20, 2011

An elegant solution

I sew in the dining room. It can take a little bit to get everything set up, and when it is set up, I like to get everything done before packing it all away again. After I finished the bag yesterday I had quite a lot of fabric left over, and I wanted to make little dilly bags to store the fibre I am working on in while I am progress, especially on a spindle project. For the socks I am spinning now on the Turkish I carefully stripped the wool to make a fractal effect, but then I struggled to remember which pile of fibre was which. To solve this, I could tell which was which I put them in freezer bags - we seem to have run out of ziplock bags - and put a piece of paper in each labelled 1 and 2. Then, in my spindle bag I put a matching piece of paper numbered 1 or 2, so I know which lot I am spinning from. Effective but ugly.

In order to supply a more elegant solution to the problem I sewed little drawstring bags, with matching markers, so I will be able to identify which bag of fibre the wool came from.

Then I packed up all the sewing supplies and put them in the cupboard. Until next time, which may be sooner rather than later. This sewing thing is definitely growing on me.

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