Monday, August 22, 2011

I feel slightly sick and slightly guilty

I got sent home yesterday from work, partly because I was sick, and partly because my coughing was disturbing the executive with whom I share a wall. I even missed knit night last night. So I'm home sick today. I don't feel great, but as long as I sit relatively still I don't feel completely dreadful. To pass the time I have been sitting on the couch, watching Dowton Abbey and knitting. I've been putting my books into my Ravelry library. I've starting a cardigan out of handspun and it's knitting up really prettily and very quickly.

After lunch I sat out on the back balcony and finished spinning the singles for Idlewood, and started washing a merino fleece. After I post this it's back to the couch.

Now, I know I'm actually sick, but how do these activities differ from my perfect day? They don't. Hence the guilt. I feel like I am chucking a sickie, even though that's not what I'm doing.


  1. Don't feel guilty!

    1. You are sick, that executive confirmed it!
    2. By being at home you're not spreading germs to your work mates.
    3. Be thankful that you're a Knitter/Spinner :)

    Add Chocolate to Downton Abbey and couch knitting and that was my day last Tuesday. Felt so much better on Wednesday…

    p.s. Is that Stephanie Japel's Puff-sleeve cardigan?

  2. Enjoy, bugger guilt, its not your fault your resourceful and sick. I missed you though.