Friday, April 20, 2012

Fails one through three

A couple of weeks ago the April Cookie sock club package arrived. As always it had two sock patters - one simple and one complex, and two cookie biscuit recipes, again, one simple and one complex. I cast on the Naimamo socks for Leon, in the club yarn.
I considered making the Naimamo Bars. They required custard powder and I though I had some - which I did. I bought it before I moved in with Leon and we've been married for nearly three years. Still, when I opened the Tupperware container I was horrified to discover a maggot, happily reclining there. No Naimamo Bars then. (Fail one).
Then my thumbs started to hurt and I've not been able to knit this week. The second sock sat there, heel turn completed, just waiting for my hands to stop hurting. (Fail two)
Then I decided to make the other cookies, Palmiers. I decided to use supermarket puff pastry, because I couldn't be bothered basically. What I didn't know is that frozen puff pastry is brittle and the package should not have been thrown around, so most of the sheets are shattered. (Fail three)

On the other hand, the rest and a massage seem to have helped my hands, although I will have to take it easy, and the "Palmiers" although not pretty are certainly very, very tasty. I'm eatingthem now with a cup of coffee, and I just keep going back for more. For a fail it's pretty near a perfect success.

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  1. so sorry to hear about your hands, hope they keep on improving...