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Where's my helpline?

Last week I found a gambling safely brochure, on my way to dinner. For my own and Leon's entertainment I read out the signs that you might have a problem with gambling.
And then I re-read the same list, substituting knitting for gambling.

Knitting should always be fun. If knitting stops being fun, you should seek help. Here are some of the signs to look out for:
  • Spending increasing amounts of time or money on knitting
  • Not knowing when to stop knitting
  • Borrowing money to knit or to get out of financial trouble caused by knitting
  • Spending more money on knitting than you can afford
  • Feeling guilty about your knitting
  • Someone close to you complaining about your knitting
  • Become angry or distressed when losing or trying to cut down on your knitting
  • Doing things that risk a relationship, job, home life or good opportunity for the sake of knitting
Remember to set a knitting limit according you your circumstances.

Sigh. That describes my behaviour rather too closely.  I am angry and distressed that I can't knit all the time right now. I didn't know when to stop and then I felt guilty that I kept knitting when I knew it was going to hurt. Clearly I didn't set limits. So, I admit I have a problem, but where is the twelve step group to help me through this? Where is my knitters' helpline? The government assistance?

In actual news, I've been resting my hands all weekend and they are getting better. I've purchased a book on Trigger point therapy, which Brenda Dayne used when her shoulder was acting up and we'll see how I go. 


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I was putting away the yarn from my mothers ASJ, which I have finished - it's having a bath right now, and I found this blue yarn:

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