Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does length matter?

So, I'm going on holiday in ten days, and before I go I want to get everything clear wheel empty, needles back in their boxes and  I really didn't want to leave the beautiful Thylacine fibre sitting on my wheel for a month. So I buckled down, and actually spent some time on it. I was lovely fibre to spin, beautifully dyed, and a wonderful hand and a stunning blend of 80 % superwash BFL, 10 % mohair, 10 %Silk.
Half way through spinning it I made myself a spinners control card, which I think really helped get the second half more even, and I'll definitely be using this tool for future projects.
Finished up, three (Navaho) plied the total length is 307 metres. Boo, I was really hoping for enough to make Wingspan.  That said, I'm happy with the thickness and the texture of the yarn. Maybe I'm not spinning short, as I seem to write here every time I finish spinning something. Maybe my expectations are wrong. We know that handspun is denser than millspun, so I need to stop comparing the weights and distances, and start looking at the quality of my handspun, which I am fairly happy with. Which leaves only one more question.
What to knit?  I'm thinking socks, since that's what the fibre is designed for. Maybe Cookie A's wedge, to play with the stripes, or maybe Yarnmissa's Firestarter  . I'm thinking after I finish this year's Cookie A Sock Club it might be time to diversify a little, and play with a variety of constructions.


  1. firestarter is a great pattern, but wedge sounds fun!

  2. Wedge. Then we'll be neighbours.