Monday, May 7, 2012

Proceeding fearlessly

While completing Magrathea (it's blocking right now) I decided my next project had to be Turbulence,  the latest Cookie A sock Club pattern.  Looking through my stash I decided it HAD to be in Jitterbug, Velvet Damson, an amazing dark blue. (I took a photo of my skein, but I think Leon has the camera right now. This photo is from Sarah Durrant, from whom I bought the yarn at last year's Bendigo sheep show.)
 Colinette Jitterbug, Colour: Velvet Damson 

The thing was that all Jitterbug is quite short in yardage and this skein is slightly underweight. When I first thought of using it I was feeling very fragile and saying things like "I can't risk it" and "Running out of yarn will destroy me. I simply won't survive". Now I have returned to my usual more resilient self and have  decided to knit on fearlessly. I figure 1) I have very small feet and should be able to finish a pair of socks with 280 meters. hopefully. 2) The colour is still being made 3) I know at least one person who has  with this colour and may have leftovers and 4) It's only knitting.

So stick with me while I walk this tightrope of tension. Will I make it, or will I be desperately hunting around for a matching yarn to finish the second sock toe? Stay tuned and all will be revealed.

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