Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bendigo 2012

Every year, coming up to what we call Bendigo, but what is officially titled the Australian Sheep and Wool Show I consider not going. I say thing thing like "I have all the yarn I need" or "I'm feeling skint" and this year I just feel tired. Even though lovely people had offered me lifts up and back and even a bed for Friday night I just wasn't feeling it. I've just got back from a month overseas, I bought a crazy amount of yarn at Woolfest and I'm just tired. I'm also training for a half marathon, so I have to fit running into my schedule somewhere. So, by Monday night I had decided I wasn't going. But, when Robyn was leaving Richmond knitters she mentioned she would be driving up, leaving at 9ish and coming back at fourish. Perfect. I got to go to the show without getting up early, and come back the same day.
I was relatively restrained with my shopping, which is good, because the stash box is pretty chockers.

I bought 4 skeins of sock yarn - two of the Jitterbug 110 gram hanks. These are being discontinued which, for me, is a shame, because they are 290 meters, so are the only sock yarn I use that I don't end up with a quarter of the ball left over. I also bought some dark green from Stranded in Oz for Leon and some Malabrigo  because I needed some really boring boy yarn for a friend who is getting socks for his birthday. I also bought 650 grams of mint green leftovers for a jumper for me. These were really cheap (like $10 cheap) and I am obsessed with this colour. 
And that was it. We looked at the sheep, learnt about a breed that looks like goats, watched some shearing, bought some fudge and came home. All in all a very satisfying day. Thanks for the lift Robyn!

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