Monday, July 30, 2012

Not quite the effect I was aiming for

As mentioned last post, I've been making matchy matchy sock for my dressing gown. I knew they fit, because I've been trying them on as I go (as an aside, I got to knit the toes three times: the first time they were too short, the second time I managed to turn them 45 degrees. Third time was the charm)

So when I finally finished them, and sewed in ALL the ends I felt very confident that I would be happy with them. And then I put them on with their matchy matchy dressing gown pal and started laughing: I kind of haven't stopped. I knew they might be terribly matchy, but I didn't expect the sum effect to be hilarious! All in all they completed "outfit" is both comfortable and comforting. A win all around.
Oh look, both cats have snuck into this photo


  1. I love it! It is hilariously funny, and it's not like you'll be wearing this outside ;)