Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot Glue Gun!

My friend Bee had a birthday party on Saturday night. She is a good friend, as well as being my massage therapist and therefore the reason I can still knit. She is also the most crafty non-knitter I know and she makes the best presents. For example, for Leon's birthday she sewed him a "bad" tie. So, for her birthday I wanted to craft her something. I decided to make hair clips for her. I found this tutorial, which said I needed a hot glue gun. I own lots of crafting equipment, including a staple gun, but I've never had cause to buy and use a hot glue gun.
It was really fun! The tutorial was great and I was really happy with the result, turning this pile of stuff

 into these super cute bows.I see more hot glue gunning in my future.

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