Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogging the unblocked

 Warning: the photos in this blog post are a little bit shit.

On Friday evening I finished the knitting on Warriston. On Saturday morning I sewed the ends in and put it on. I wore it until I went out on Saturday night. On  Sunday I got up and put it on again. Normally I block my finished items immediately, but I think I'll wait until the weather warms up again. I'm too busy wearing this to block it. Last night the house was 17 degrees. While I normally like the house at 20, wearing Warriston and handknit socks kept me toasty.
I do think it came out a little bit big, which was a shock to me, because my stitch gauge was smaller than the pattern called for. Gauge lies! The only modification I made was to change my rate of decreases, as my row gauge was also out.
It is incredibly comfortable and was such a fast and fun knit that I might make another, smaller one, some time in the future, perhaps with some waist shaping.
After I finished Warriston I wanted to cast on something quick, because the new Cookie A sock club patterns came out four days after, and I'd really like to get them on my needles. I chose the Jewelled cowl, a beaded pattern I got obsessed with the moment I say it. It was very simple, but after 4 days of knitting the same two row repeat I was ready to be finished! The beading was slow, because only about half the beads fit on my tiny 0.75 mm crotchet hook. Also, with tiny beads flying everywhere, this was not really suitable for public knitting, but I didn't let that stop me. I suspect I left a Hansel and Gretel like trail of beads behind me this week.
Why yes, I do wear a name tag at work.

I wore it to work today - also unblocked, and took self portraits, because right now all the people with whom I am friends enough to ask them to take photos are away. I also think it would look better over a black dress.
So there it is, two finished projects, neither of them blocked, both of them illustrated with lazy happy snaps.

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