Friday, November 30, 2012

Talented Friends

 Recently my friend Melanie bought some combs and started combing and colour blending fibre. She makes a wonderful, light, smooth fibre blend, which spins up gloriously.

 I really haven't been doing any spinning at all, but I did sit down at the wheel to spin up a sample of this fibre, which she blended with me in mind. Such a perfect colour. Now I just need to find the spinning love again, so I can finish spinning this up before the end of the century. Still, if anything is going to give me back the joy, this blend will.

If you want your own Melanie blended fibre, here's her etsy shop.
And then Ursula discovered dying. And dyed more yarn than she knew what to do with. She brought some in to the Richmond Knitters last night and left with less than she came in with. I scored some BFL sock yarn in "Smaller on the Outside" a wonderful TARDIS blue. Leon has agreed to a pair of TARDIS socks in this colour, even though it is significantly brighter than he usually goes for. Ursula hasn't decided if she is going to set up an online shop, or just keep dying for fun. If she does, I'll only tell you about it after I have bought all that I may want!
I couldn't get the colour quite right. It more TARDIS blue than it looks here.
 So there you go. Two very talented ladies, whom I have the pleasure to call friend and the privilege to work with the things that they make.

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  1. Awww, thanks :) I'm really looking forward to seeing how it knits up for people!