Friday, December 7, 2012

Cookie A December Package

The last Cookie A Sock Club delivery came this week. The patterns are both lovely lace, the yarn is a merino cashmere nylon in a lovely  shade of purple unlike anything I have in my stash.
 I've loved being part of the club this year, but part of me is glad its over. I've knit eight pairs of Cookie A Socks so far this year (and, to my surprise 6 pairs of other socks) and I'm ready to spend some time with other designers. Still it's been a wonderful club, with only one pair of socks that I disliked (Jedi Mind Trick socks, I'm looking at you).
The "Cookies" have been really fun and have rather reinvigorated my baking. I made the easy ones from this months package, lemon bars. They were easy and tasty.

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